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Plastic pollution is a global crisis that demands our immediate attention. Each passing minute, more plastic finds its way into our oceans, leaving behind a trail of devastation for wildlife and nature. At Bevu®, we believe in taking action. We believe in making a positive impact today for a better tomorrow. 

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Plastic pollution isn't just a problem; it's an opportunity for change. By becoming a part of the Bevu® Sustainability Program, you're not just choosing sustainability – you're making a statement, setting a new standard for excellence, and enhancing the experience you offer your guests.

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Imagine your guests sipping from reusable Bevu® bottles or cups, carrying a piece of your commitment to the environment home with them. As member of Bevu® Hospitality Program, you’re not just providing a service; you're delivering an experience that aligns with modern values and resonates with conscious travelers.  

Bevu® Hospitality Program Success Stories

Join the Green Success of Circle by Melia with Bevu®!

Punta Cana

Circle by Melia, Bevu®, environmental impact reduction, responsible company, sustainable products, eco-champion. Discover how Circle by Melia transformed into an eco-champion using Bevu®. They ditched single-use plastics, embraced responsibility, and attracted eco-savvy customers while boosting profits. Be bold, make a change—be part of the green movement today!

Oscar de la Renta Tennis Center at Punta Cana Resort & Club: Bevu® A Sustainable Solution!

Oscar de la Renta Tennis Center

Swing into sustainability at Punta Cana Resort's Oscar de la Renta Tennis Center, thanks to Bevu®. We've revolutionized single-use plastic reduction, leaving a green mark on the environment, and boosting resort profits. Our game-changing products have positioned Punta Cana Resort as a responsible leader, inspiring the industry. Dive in, save costs, and stand out from the crowd with the Bevu® program for hotels. Join the winning team today!

Discover Casa Andina Peru's Incredible Journey with Bevu®


Step into Casa Andina Hotels' Peruvian success story, powered by Bevu®. Our game-changing alternative to single-use plastic bottles and cups didn't just boost profits, it made Casa Andina an eco-hero. They cut costs, outshined competitors, and embraced responsibility. Be part of the Bevu® program today for a sustainable, forward-thinking business, just like Casa Andina Hotels.

Bevu®: More Than a Brand 

Plastic-free nature

Simple Steps for Powerful Change 


Lead by Example: Keep reusable bottles, mugs, and utensils readily available, setting a new standard for eco-conscious hospitality.


Champion Change: Support businesses dedicated to solving the plastics crisis, and let your choices shape a more sustainable industry.


Recycle Responsibly: Be informed about your town's recycling protocols and make informed choices that lessen your carbon footprint. 


Sustainability Redefined: Replace plastics by finding attractive ways and uses to offer – let your imagination inspire a greener approach.

Be a Change-Maker, Combat Plastic Pollution. Elevate Hospitality with Bevu®

Welcome to Ecomar Association: Where Passion Meets Purpose

Founded in 1999 by Theresa Zabell Lucas, Ecomar is a beacon of ocean conservation. Our motto, "Take care of your body and planet," drives us to inspire 15,000 children annually. Join our mission for a better world nurtured by Theresa's lifelong love for the sea.

Vida Azul Association: Reviving Ocean Paradise

In the enchanting Dominican Republic, the Vida Azul Foundation emerged from a transformative moment. A tourist's online lament about beaches and corals sparked our creation. Join us in restoring marine wonders. Let's dive into a brighter future together.

Green Hearth Association: Igniting Change, Together

Based in Costa Rica, the Green Hearth Foundation drives environmental and social projects nationally and globally. Join our international movement for change. Through beach cleanups and more, we inspire awareness and action. Let's build a greener future, hand in hand.

Algo Por La Tierra Association: Sparking Urban Change

Join the movement in San José, Costa Rica! Algo Por La Tierra is on a mission to combat urban pollution through cleanup and activism. Inspired by the World Cup, we started on October 7, 2017, to transform our cityscape. Let's make a difference, together.

Ready to transform into a beacon of sustainability? Join Bevu® today and let's redefine hospitality, enrich lives, and inspire change – for now and for generations to come.

Join Bevu® Program: Crafting a Brighter Future Together

Discover how Bevu® revolutionizes hospitality for a better world. Our team is eager to guide you, answer questions, and spark change. Let's connect and create a meaningful impact. Contact us today.