ConBiVe - Conservation of Venezuelan Biodiversity

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One of the associations with which we collaborate for its objective of biodiversity conservation in Venezuela is ConBiVe.

They are a non-profit Civil Association founded in 2010 and led by young Venezuelans.

They focus on scientific research, education, dissemination and conservation of biodiversity to promote knowledge and a sense of belonging for the natural heritage of Venezuela.


They like to define themselves as a platform for citizen participation for the sustainable development of their country, Venezuela.

They wish to connect with each person and show them what they can do to live in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way from home, office or university.

What projects do they develop?

  • They develop research and monitoring of elements of Venezuelan biodiversity and ecosystems, as well as socio-environmental issues, contributing to the scientific and technological development of the country.
  • They promote the development of responsible tourism and ecotourism as a tool for the conservation of nature and the socioeconomic development of the country.
  • Favor conservation and sustainable management in protected natural areas and in rural, urban and peri-urban zones.
  • They cooperate with natural or legal persons, public or private, that make efforts in the conservation of nature.

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How do we help?

ConBiVe and Bevu® work together to promote the conservation of Venezuela's natural heritage through the use of stainless steel reusable water bottles to reduce the consumption of solid waste generated by plastic bottles and cups.