Non-Profit Partners

Fundation Vida Azul (Dominican Republic)
Vida Azul Foundation (Dominican Republic) Vida Azul Foundation Initiated on 2007 when a group of divers friends decided to join efforts to do something about the increasing pollution and filth degrading the Dominican Republic coast line. Vida Azul is a non-profit...
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ConBiVe Association (Venezuela)
This NGO for the Conservation of Venezuelan Biodiversity - ConBiVe - is a platform for citizen participation on the sustainable development of the country.ConBiVe, led by young Venezuelans, was founded in 2010. It uses scientific research, education, dissemination and conservation...
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GREEN HEART Foundation (Costa Rica)
Green Heart is a non-profit organization in Costa Rica oriented to environmental and social projects at a national level and with international presence.What we do? Organize beach cleanups, rivers and urban areas.  Although these are palliative actions, they help to...
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